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Other kinds of mastiffs, e. g. Neapolitan, may also be suitable for protection. The K9 unit mentioned above uses Belgian Malinois and the similar but rarer Dutch Shepherds because they have fewer health problems than German Shepherd Dogs and some other protection dog breeds. The increased popularity of Belgian Malinois for police work has led to a corresponding increase in their popularity generally, an effect that has been observed with other breeds, as well. Every breed ought at the very least to have a registry like that of the DPCA, but few do. As Shook discovered, it is difficult to get accurate data on health problems because many breeders of most breeds are reluctant to talk about such problems. Six helpful books on GSDs: Anna Katherine Nicholas, The Book of the German Shepherd Dog, T. F. H. Publications, 1983; M.

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This prevents the windows from being opened or lifted off their tracks from the outside.

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The cameras may also be integrated into an existing home security system with the option of subscribing to a monitoring service which watches the camera feeds 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to alert the homeowner and emergency services at the first sign of alarm.

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It also offers unlimited cloud storage.

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Almost all of the large companies have their dealers.